Persimmon Property Owners Association

PPOA Pool Rules

***Do not give out your pool card to anyone other than your family living in the Persimmon Community***

A member’s pool privileges may be suspended indefinitely for the following stated behavior, and other behavior deemed inappropriate by the Board of Directors that have not been stated, by the member, the member’s family and/or by the member’s guest:

  • Dangerous Horseplay
  • Smoking and consuming alcohol within the confines of the pool area (i.e. within the fenced area) is forbidden. The pool is a place where the children of our community can come and have fun. It is not a place for adults to come, drink beer, smoke, use profanity, and otherwise engage in behavior that is inappropriate for children.
  • Throwing foreign objects (excluding pool toys) into the pool: skateboards, bicycles, trash cans, pool chairs, bottles, etc.
  • Climbing the pool fence, Vandalism or Property Destruction.
  • Children under 16 years of age MUST have adult supervision at all times in the PPOA pool area. Any member found violating this policy will have an immediate 2- week pool privilege sanction levied against their family for any child (children) found in the pool without supervision for the first occurrence. Second occurrence will result in the suspension of the family’s pool privileges for the remainder of the current pool season. Homeowners not present while their guest(s) are within the pool area will be subject to the same penalties.
  • All persons 16 years or older will be required to have in their possession, and display upon request, a valid state-issued photo ID with a Persimmon Ridge or Persimmon Creek address and in addition to their assigned PPOA pool card.
  • Pool hours are 7am-9pm Saturday-Thursday, 7am-10pm Fridays: Sanctions and possible trespassing charges will be imposed on anyone found within the pool area outside pool hours without prior written consent from the Board of Directors or Pool Chairman.
  • Infant Children Must Wear Swim Diapers At All Times While In The Pool. No Exceptions!
  • The Board reserves the right to close the pool for any period of time for any reason that the Board feels necessary for maintenance, vandalism or any occurrence that requires the pool to be closed for a disclosed period of time.
  • Pool Chairman and Board Members reserve the right to remove and bar access to the pool area for any member not following the above mentioned rules or for inappropriate behavior.

Again, please do not let anyone “tail” you into the pool area. Everyone should use their pool card every time they enter the pool area. This is for everyone's security, and will help keep our pool clean and safe.

Please remember to remove your trash, lower umbrellas, and tidy the area you used.

Have a Safe and Fun Summer!